The Kandel Sisters Are
Israel Bound in 2021
Blending humor and faith, we encourage senior adults to be mission focused and never let age block opportunities to serve and minister to others. With wry humor, we hope to inspire you to investigate possibilities for your next assignment from God.
If you have retired or are considering retirement, you will chuckle as we try to motivate you to look into new opportunities to serve God with that unhinged schedule,
wisdom gained from experience, and perhaps even some discretionary income. Cheerleaders encouraging the no-longer-young to stay in the game, and we laugh with you at our own real-life mishaps. We are living proof that age isn't years, it is mind-set, and we want to challenge you to seek new ways to serve God. 
Do not let your number of birthdays stand in the way of your eternal impact. The big music for intentional, mission-focused living can begin even when you are well advanced in years.

Come walk with us through
the Land of the Book!

Thinking about a trip to Israel?

Is it beautiful? Yes. In places it is beyond description, a desert that now blooms. Is it challenging? Yes. You just might be captured by a new mission or passion. Is it a walk through history? Yes. There will be moments when what you see intersects with your calling for the future. Is it a trip of a lifetime? Yes. But it will impact you eternally as you encounter the Lord who reigns over Israel. You will walk where Jesus walked, sail where He sailed, pray where He prayed, worship where He worshipped. But this is not just a trip, a tour, or vacation. This is an encounter with Almighty God.

For information please contact Bethel Church at
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