Zechariah and the Angel

The silence was broken...

One of my favorite Bible guys who headlines in the Christmas story is Zechariah. I love and respect him first of all because he was old. The Bible graciously calls him well advanced in years, but he didn’t quit. He stayed serving. He continued to minister. I love and respect that. And then suddenly he was chosen as the one who got to go into the Temple and light the incense. This only happened at best once in a priest’s lifetime. And this was the day for Zechariah. So as an old guy, he was about to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Isn’t that amazing? Age doesn’t preclude us from brand new experiences.

And then this unbelievable day was about to get even more unbelievable because as magnificent as going into the Temple was going to be, a stunning surprise was waiting for him right around the corner.

Gabriel left heaven to deliver a really important message. Zechariah, whose married life had included a whole lot of waiting, every month waiting to see if his wife Elizabeth was possibly pregnant this time. Every month feeling the pain of their hopes dashed...the hope of a child silenced month after month, year after year, until Gabriel broke the silence with the news that Zechariah and Elizabeth would have a son.

This new day dawned in their sunset years; a baby was on the way. Talk about new experiences. These two old servants of God were going to be first time parents.

The wait was well worth all those grueling years. Zechariah was having a very difficult time understanding how it could be. So, to help him see that the silent years were over, God closed his mouth and he could not speak until the baby arrived.

His silence continually reminded him that the silent years were over. It was well worth the wait.

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