“Ruthless witnesses come forward; they question me on things I know nothing about. They repay me evil for good and leave me like one bereaved. Yet when they were ill, I put on sackcloth and humbled myself with fasting. When my prayers returned to me unanswered, I went about mourning as though for my friend or brother. I bowed my head in grief as though weeping for my mother. But when I stumbled, they gathered in glee; assailants gathered against me without my knowledge. They slandered me without ceasing. Like the ungodly they maliciously mocked; they gnashed their teeth at me.” Psalm 35:11-16

Have you ever had someone return your kindness with a slap in the face? David did. As he was writing this psalm he spoke of praying for those who had been unkind to him because he heard they were ill. What did he do? He put on sackcloth and fasted as he prayed.

So what did they do when he stumbled? They got together and rejoiced over what had happened to him. They told all about what was happening to him in such a way that it put him in the worst light possible. They made fun of him and were delighted to do it.

It sounds like the ultimate bullying situation. He was trying to be kind. They were as mean as they can be.

But David’s response was right where we are also to begin. He prayed. He brought all of this to the Lord and trusted Him with it.

This life is not going to be lived without hurt. We will have struggles. Trust Him. He’s got it covered.

I want to trust You with everything, Lord. I want to be like David and bring my requests to You and then leave them with You.

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