Whiter Than Snow

“The LORD has dealt with me according to my righteousness; according to the cleanness of my hands he has rewarded me. For I have kept the ways of the LORD; I am not guilty of turning from my God. All his laws are before me; I have not turned away from his decrees. I have been blameless before him and have kept myself from sin. The LORD has rewarded me according to my righteousness, according to the cleanness of my hands in his sight.” Psalm 18:20-24

If today were my last day on earth, would I be able to say this along with the psalmist?

There is only one way that I could, and that is if I have received Jesus as my Savior and He has covered me with His righteousness.

The Bible is very clear that we are all sinners and our sin has separated us from God. But the story does not end there. It begins there because Jesus’s response to our sin was to come to earth, live a perfect life but take our punishment by laying down His life on the cross for us.

He conquered death and rose from the grave. He is alive today and will come to live within us if we will accept Him.

Then I can say with the psalmist that I am not guilty. You see Jesus proclaimed with His dying breath, “Tetelestai.” It literally means paid in full, it is finished. He paid my sin debt and it is gone.

Because of Jesus, I am not guilty!

Lord Jesus, I will never be able to thank You for Your gift of salvation. You died on the cross to pay for my sins and declare me whiter than snow. Thank You!

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