God has spoken from his sanctuary: ‘In triumph I will parcel out Shechem and measure off the Valley of Sukkoth. Gilead is mine, Manasseh is mine; Ephraim is my helmet, Judah is my scepter. Moab is my washbasin, on Edom I toss my sandal; over Philistia I shout in triumph.’ Who will bring me to the fortified city? Who will lead me to Edom? Is it not you, God, you who have rejected us and no longer go out with our armies? Give us aid against the enemy, for human help is worthless. With God we will gain the victory, and he will trample down our enemies.” Psalm 108:7-13

Often David was in the battle. He was king and commander-in-chief of his armed forces. Yet he knew who the real Leader was. If God was not with them, human help was worthless. Let’s not ever forget that it is God who is in charge. It makes no difference who or what our enemy is, our trust needs to be in the Lord. For some time now our enemy has been a virus. It seems strange that something so small could have shut down our world and yet it has. But for each of us, our trust can be in Christ to lead us through whatever we face. We can cry out, “Give us aid against our enemy.”

Father, help me to never forget that no matter what I face each day, You are still in charge. It is You who leads me to victory.

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