The Wisemen

How long had it stirred in their hearts to search the stars for the sign? When did they become fascinated with the heavens and realize that a change had taken place? What prompted them to leave their homes and families to follow this new star to a tiny place in Israel? How did they know that the most important King ever to be born would be at the end of their search?

These questions are not definitively answered in the text. We don’t know how many wise men there were. We don’t know their ages or backgrounds. Tradition has given them names and tells us there were three but the Scripture text does not give us that information. There is very little we know about these wise men.

But we know this: they were made ready for exactly that time in that place to find the King of all Kings. What an incredible difference they made.

What has been built into our lives for the task we have been assigned? What sense of wonder or discovery has God given to us in order to learn and become the wise men and women of today and point others to the King of Kings?

This Christmas season, ask the Lord to open your eyes to what is around you to make a difference.

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