The Wait

And so, began the wait.

The wait: it’s always part of the Christmas season. You can hear it in your children’s questions. “How many more days till Christmas?” “How soon can I open my presents?”

The anticipation is evident in classrooms at school. You can feel the antsiness, restlessness, and longing that show up in the students.

You can see it in people’s faces. Often there is the look of hope or joy or excitement at the coming season. And granted, sometimes it manifests itself as exhaustion or anxiety because, as the Grinch discovered, you can’t stop Christmas from coming. It is on the way.

But when we feel the longing and look forward with all that anticipation, we are joining a host of others throughout the centuries, because longing for Christmas happened way back in the Bible. Adam and Eve heard the promise. A child would come to crush the serpent’s head. They knew God would fulfill it. So, they waited for the blessed Christmas season.

When Eve had her first son she named him Cain. His name means “acquired”. We have to wonder if she looked at him and thought that she, a woman, had just acquired the Savior. Could he be the one that was promised?

He wasn’t.

They waited longer. Their children waited. The patriarchs waited and wondered. Kings asked, “How long?” The prophets foretold it. The world held its breath… for millennia.

Why? Because this Child was worth waiting for. The seed of a woman was coming to buy back, redeem, and restore that which was lost. This Child would make it possible for God to once again dwell with and be present in, mankind.

He is the most beautiful of all gifts.

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