The Night

“In the night, Lord, I remember your name, that I may keep your law. This has been my practice: I obey your precepts.” Psalm 119:55-56

When I fell asleep as a child, I almost always stayed asleep. It was one of the blessings of youth. But now that I am older, I often wake up in the night. At times, I can go back to sleep, but sometimes sleep eludes me. I can even still be tired, but sleep won’t come.

Those dark hours of the night can feel lonely; however, I know that I am never alone. I can speak His name. The Lord is but a breath away and He is always available for a chat. He is right there ready to still my heart, or encourage me, or speak to me from His Word.

One of the beauties of the Scripture is that when I read it and study it, God brings those passages right back to me at the exact moment when I need to hear from Him. God uses His Word to speak. How much of hearing His voice in our nights do we miss, if we don’t walk into His Word during our days?

Lord, thank You that You are with me at all times. I want to hear Your voice above all others.

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