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“Indignation grips me because of the wicked, who have forsaken your law.”

Psalm 119:53

The news today carried a story about human trafficking. They showed the picture of the man arrested for his involvement. I was irate. My heart burned with anger at his flagrant disregard for life and humanity and God’s plans for another person.

My indignation flares at injustice. I get angry when people steal from someone who has worked hard for their earnings. Murder, mayhem, chaos, and crime get my heart racing at the wickedness. I totally get what the Psalmist is saying.

God has given His law. When we obey it, life works. When we disobey it, everyone suffers and the injustice of it all grips us. And what we know is that as long as we live in a world that wants to disregard the laws of God, this will be our plight. But we must also always remember that no matter what we see in the world, God is still on the throne. He is still in charge and someday it will all be made right. Someday in eternity everything and everyone will live by His Word.

Aren’t we so glad?

Lord, thank You for a heart that can feel the injustice. I know that is Your heart too. I also know the day is coming when all sin and wickedness will be under Your feet and You will crush its very existence.

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