The Lord Our Help

“…your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” Psalm 23:4b

A rod and a staff don’t appear to be items that might bring comfort. Yet for a sheep they sure are. Those are items of protection, and safety as the crook of the staff can catch a lamb and draw him back from danger. The rod can lead to places of safe pasturing.

Our God is a God of comfort.

I remember crying out to God one day when I was completely distraught. I was so sad, so broken. I said, “Lord, I cannot do it alone. I need someone to pray with me.”

A few hours later there was a knock at my door. Two women stood there. I recognized them both, but they had never been to my house before. In fact, they have never come again since, but there they stood on that day, the very day that I had cried out for help.

When I opened the door, one of them spoke, “We’ve come to pray with you.”

God sent two women to walk along beside me that day to pray and encourage me. Their presence brought comfort to my brokenness. God heard my cry. He knew I needed help that day because He is Yahweh Ezer, The Lord, my Help!

Often times help comes from God in the form of a verse or passage from Scripture that encourages and brings soothing comfort to our hearts. Sometimes help comes from God in the form of a Christian song that lifts us straight into His presence. Sometimes God sends help in the form of two women who stood at my door and said, “We are here to pray with you.”

Today if you need help from the Lord, if you need comfort for your sadness and grief, the Lord has sent me today to pray with you.

So, let’s pray.

Dear Lord, we know that there is grief, sadness, weariness, anxiety, and so much hurt in our world. We join with our readers today to lift them up before You. Please bring peace and comfort to their hearts right now. Thank You, Father, for You are their Help. Thank You, Father, for You are my help.

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