The Gift of the Wisemen

They were astronomers. They studied events in the sky. How marvelous to have a job where you are always looking up. They knew the night sky. Although they never flew, the sky was friendly to these men.

Until one evening something appeared that they didn’t recognize. It was different, unique and that star spoke to this group of wise men. And what that star said to them was that a King was born.

Who was the King? Where was the King? Questions rose from deep within those men and those questions demanded answers.

Without a map or a GPS system, they set out. Their goal? Follow that star. These wise men knew, they KNEW, that what they saw in the sky was majestic, kingly, beyond their comprehension. They had to follow it to its destination.

Mile after mile they looked up and mile after mile it guided them. Mile after mile they traveled. A star in the sky led them first to the city of Jerusalem.

“Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews?” Matthew 2:2

How did they even know to ask that specific question? But they did and the regular king, a man by the name of Herod, was not pleased. Oh, he feigned interest and a desire to worship, but in reality, he planned to murder the Child.

The wise men had stopped for directions and got them. Bethlehem was the place for the birth of the King they were seeking. So off they went. The star stopped. In a house they found Mary, Joseph, and the Child. They knew the star had led them. They knew this was the King the star had announced.

They bowed. They worshipped. They presented gifts. They had traveled far but this was the most momentous event in their lives. If a King had a star to announce His birth, then this was no ordinary King. This King had come from the realm of the stars. This King had come from heaven.

Herod had asked for the wise men to return. He said he wanted to also go and worship. That was a lie. The wise men were warned by God and they left by a different way. They never returned to Herod. But those words can also mean they left changed. They had traveled from afar to meet the King of Kings and Lord of Lords and it changed them forever.

So how about us? Have we met the King of Kings and Lord of Lords? What better time than Christmas! We can go away changed forever just like the wise men.

The wise men are a gift because they set the example. They sought the King. We are to also find Christ and worship Him.

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