The Gift of the Season

We love it that God has given us four distinct seasons of the year, at least that’s the way it is in our neck of the woods. Flowers bloom in the spring. Summer comes in with warm breezes but then wraps up the thermometer in a heated blanket that can best be approached next to the pool with lemonade in one hand and a book in the other.

Fall cools the air and sets the trees ablaze in fiery colors that soon turn to brown but dance to the ground in lovely leaf showers. The first frost tips the grass with ice and announces that winter is just around the corner. Snow makes its appearance in time to slow traffic and close schools making both snowmen and memories.

If it’s timed just right, snow brings about a frosted Christmas that covers over the world with white and makes the Christmas trees even brighter and more beautiful.

Seasons speak of change. They speak of the march of time and the importance of time well spent.

We hope to celebrate the gift of the season and enjoy the beauty, uniqueness, splendor, and joy that this time of year offers. We can see it on the faces of kids. We can hear it in the music in the stores. We can taste it in the candies and cookies that show up at the office.

Psalm 31:15 tells us, “My times are in your hand…” So, let’s enjoy the times and look for His hand.

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