The Gift of the Present

Christmas is a wonderful time to remember. Childhood memories of favorite gifts or family get-togethers can wrap our hearts in the soft glow of the past. They can bring laughter and tears all at the same moment. A smile creeps to our lips when we remember the scent of that favorite plastic doll or the feel of new skates on our feet. So often at Christmas we spend time in the beautiful world of remembering the joy and excitement of Christmases long, long ago.

It is also a special time to dream. As children, we poured over catalogues or wrote wish lists that told of our hopes for the day.

As we aged our dreams probably became less about things and more about where we hoped we would be or what we could accomplish. Our wish list now tells of hopes for our lives.

Christmas past…a gift.

Christmas future…a gift.

But there is also Christmas present. We need to live in the moment.

The night Jesus was born and the shepherds came to worship Him, Mary lived every exquisite moment and then the Bible tells us that she treasured all of them in her heart.

How about if we try it this year?

Okay, maybe record a few on your cell phone or camera, but just really live the rest.

Take the moments and treasure them in your heart.

Christmas present…a gift.

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