The Gift of the Perfect Gift

We’ve all seen it happen. The person is unwrapping a special gift and suddenly their face changes from anticipation to disbelief. That one gift that was so wanted is now in a box in their hands. They go then from disbelief to amazement and finally perhaps to tears of great joy.

The giver knew the perfect gift. The receiver knew someone had loved them enough to give it.

It is a joyful thing when the perfect gift is given.

But wait, what is the perfect gift?

Is it that diamond engagement ring he managed to finally buy? Is it the key to a new car? Is it a gaming system or the most darling baby doll that cries when you squeeze her?

The perfect gift? The ones we just listed might be perfect for a select group. Obviously a seven-year-old boy has no use for an engagement ring. A person in a retirement home may not ever need a new car again especially if their eyesight no longer allows them to see the road. The gaming system given to a two-year-old might become more trash than treasure since two year olds wouldn’t have any idea how to use it.

But there is one perfect Gift that fits everyone. His name is Jesus. He is the reason for Christmas, because He was given to the world to be the Savior.

You see, the Giver knew the perfect Gift, and we as the receivers can know that God loved us enough to give it.

Today, we can be so grateful for the most perfect gift…Jesus.

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