The Gift of Thanksgiving

Turkey, mashed potatoes, dressing, gravy, sweet potato casserole, green beans, pumpkin pie, coffee…are you cooking or are you going to someone else’s house who is cooking? Either way this is a special day. The smells and tastes are wonderful. The food and fellowship may be unequaled when compared to any other time of the year. The table is laden with dishes that might only be prepared for this day. You may see family members only once a year on this day.

Yes, those are certainly things for which we can offer thanks. But let’s examine what else we can be grateful for today.



Those who serve to protect us

Those who are ready to minister if we are sick or injured

Sustenance and beyond that even more than enough

Heat on a cold day

Air conditioning on a hot day


A roof over our heads

A warm bed

A vehicle that gets us from one point to the next

People in our lives who offer wise counsel

People who tell us the truth

People who love us no matter what


Our churches

…and hopefully the list can go on and on.

But there is something else for which every one of us should be thankful for today and every day.

It is the gift of salvation that Jesus freely offers to each of us. Knowing Christ as our Savior is by far the biggest, greatest, most amazing gift ever offered.

Today, let’s be thankful, especially for Jesus.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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