The Gift of Salvation

A bronze statue worth 14 billion dollars, a 60-million-dollar jet, jewels in the millions, whole floors in apartment buildings, fabulous yachts, estates, all are exquisite gifts. Some might say they are worth a king’s ransom. A king’s ransom was the exorbitant price paid to release a king from captivity.

Fortunate the receiver.

These are gifts worth noting. They make a lasting indelible impression when given, but pale in comparison to the greatest gift ever given.

It cost a King’s ransom, only this time the ransom was paid by the King to release the world from captivity.

Jesus paid the ransom price and offers release from bondage. He extends freedom, and, on top of that, eternal life in heaven with Him. There we will enter through gates encrusted with exquisite gems, walk on streets worth billions in gold, dwell in estates He is building just for us, and enjoy the sweetest fellowship ever with the God of the universe. And it will never disappear.

What He offers is the gift of salvation. Blessed beyond measure the receiver.

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