The Gift of Receiving

“Here’s a gift for you.”

“Oh! Wow! Ummm, thank you, I uhhh didn’t get you anything. I’m sooooo sorry.”

Ever been there? It’s a bit embarrassing to get a gift and not have one of equal or even greater value to give back. We suddenly feel like we haven’t balanced the playing field. We’ve shortchanged the giver somehow by not having a return gift.

It’s kind of in us once we become adults. Of course, kids don’t care. They get absorbed in the getting part, but as adults, we want this gift giving thing to be equitable.

But it isn’t, and it never will be.

The gift God gives us requires nothing on our part. It takes no effort to attain it, and we can never give back something that even comes close to its value.

God freely and graciously gives us salvation.

The Bible says that to as many as received Him, He gave the right to become children of God.

We get to be in the family. We become heirs. We acquire everything God owns.

The only requirement, receive it. In the same way, we receive those gifts given to us by friends and family, we can receive God’s gift of eternal life.

This Christmas remember that we are given the gift of receiving.

What a gift!

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