The Gift of Prayer

It can be silent.

It can be loud.

It can be whispered.

It can be any place, any time, by anybody.

What is it?

It’s prayer.

We can pray when we are driving to the grocery. We can pray early in the morning before anyone else is awake. We can pray when we lie awake at night waiting for one of our children to come home.

We don’t need any fancy words to pray. We don’t need a lofty education to pray. We can merely talk to the One who never sleeps, never is afraid, never is too busy. We can talk to the One who understands our hearts, even if we cannot formulate words, because what is going on in our lives is too big for words.

Prayer can be covert. People have tried to remove it from school. But just because someone has said it is not politically correct to pray, doesn’t mean prayer can’t happen. We can drive to the parking lots of our children’s schools and pray. When we walk in the doors for a program or conference, we can pray. We can pray throughout the day for our children and their schools.

We can pray for our government officials.

We can pray for those who persecute us.

We can pray joyfully and we can pray sorrowfully. God hears every one.

We can also pray to praise. We can at any given moment lift up a sincere, “Thank You,” to the One who is ever listening and deserves our praise.

Prayer is a gift because every single one of us needs it, and every single one of us can do it.

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