The Gift of Music

As we have already said, we bake cookies as a family. And again, I'm not talking about mom and a couple of daughters, I'm talking moms, aunts, daughters, cousins, a house full of flour-dusted, sugar-sprinkled, vanilla-scented women, both young and old. 

We bake cookies...hundreds of them.

We have music in the background and laughter in the foreground. Well, that is until one very upbeat tune declares, “All I want for Christmas is You.” It comes up on the playlist and suddenly all of us, youngest to oldest, are on our feet dancing. The music moves to the forefront but the laughter moves to hysteria. It happens all throughout the day. 

The gift of music at Christmas is everywhere, stores, bell ringers, commercials, movies, concerts, school programs. It's pianos and sleigh bells and trumpets and harps and choirs and bands and solos. It's everywhere, and it sets the tone for joy. 

So enjoy!

The music is fun, or silly, or beautiful, or grand, or whispered, or played, or chimed, or danced to, or sung to, or strolled to, or baked to, or laughed to, or cried to.

The music of Christmas…

Listen, it’s everywhere. 

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