The Gift of Light

One of the great gifts of the Christmas season is the beautiful light displays. People travel miles to see some of the homes all decked out with their holiday décor. I always feel a little sad when it gets taken down, packed up, and stored away to await the arrival of the season next year.

My husband knows how much I love the Christmas lights. So, one year he left up the lights that graced the back of our home. They remained up all the way through the dark winter months, into the spring, and even during the light days of summer sunshine, and finally during the cool crisp fall days. Then as the next year’s Christmas approached, there they were just in time for all of our neighbors’ displays to catch up. My lights had been shining throughout the year and were then just hoping for a Christmas snow to frost their colors. Every single night for more than 365 days those lights had turned on. 

They chased away the darkness.

And I liked them. They were beautiful, brightly colored and added just a bit of Christmas cheer even when it wasn’t Christmas.

And on top of being beautiful, they were solar, fueled by the sun. They didn’t cost us a single dime to let them shine.

And they didn’t require even the tiniest bit of work on my part. Once we put those lights outside they just continued to do their job of lighting up the world.

Jesus came. He is the Light of the World. It’s one of the reasons why we put up lights at Christmas. He came to bring that light to all of us. And it doesn’t cost us a single thing to receive the light. And it doesn’t require even the tiniest bit of work on our part, because this light is fueled by the Son.

Very soon, the lights on our houses will come down and get put away. However, we can still bask in the glow of His beautiful light and let His light shine in and through us. 

What a gift!

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