The Gift of Leftovers

Oh, that turkey on Thanksgiving was super good. The mashed potatoes and dressing were very yum. And then there was the cranberry stuff and the pumpkin stuff and the green bean casserole stuff, all de-lish-ous. Really, Thanksgiving was a party for the palate.

But oh, there were so many leftovers. So, we have a great gift as we start the Christmas season with its busyness and scurrying around. We have leftovers!


No need to cook

Already-ready food

It’s a time saver and terrific way to be a good steward, and we can use those leftovers to feed our families. Depending on how much you cooked for the big day, the leftovers could possibly feed the nations. We see an example of this in the book of Ruth. She gathered grain in the field and then took some back to her mother-in-law. She shared the leftovers.

But what else can we feast on this season and then use what is left over to feed those around us?

If we would feast on God’s Word, we can take a verse or two from what’s been studied and nourish our children. If we bask in the joy of the season, it just might spill over into friends’ lives. If we fill up on God’s love we just might be able to share an entire meal with the leftovers.

Share the leftovers.

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