The Gift of Investments

We wrote our first book, Take a Deep Breath...It's Christmas, right before Christmas. Before it went to print, our precious mother went to be with Jesus. The book was dedicated to her. These are the words we wrote:

“We met our mother a number of years ago. Aside from the doctors and nurses in the room, hers was the first and sweetest face we looked into as we entered this life. With every birth, she waited to hear that first breath followed by a cry. During the writing of this book, ours were the last faces she looked into as she took her final breath and entered her new life. Suddenly our mother saw the sweetest and most glorious face of all, her Lord and Savior, Jesus. This book is dedicated to our mother, Nadine Kandel. In those final moments, she opened her eyes very wide and with one last breath, she saw the reality of the gift of Christmas. One of the last things she heard us say was, ‘Take a deep breath, Mother…it’s heaven.’"

I have called this day's gift, "The Gift of Investments." 

It has nothing to do with finances. It has everything to do with an eternal perspective. 

We know that for many people the pain of lost loved ones is very great at this time of year and we certainly understand it. We have experienced that pain also.

Our mother is with Jesus. Our father is with Jesus. We have aunts, uncles, cousins, friends who are with Jesus. And two of us have children who entered heaven before we ever had a chance to hold them in our arms.

Painful? Absolutely. Sometimes more than we can frame into sentences. 

But we want to take a little different look at that today. We don't want to look at who we have lost but rather who we have invested into eternity.

They are with Jesus. We have witnessed them go on ahead, and one day we will have the gift of seeing them again. At that moment, there will not be one moment of regret that they went before. There will only be rejoicing that we are together forever in the presence of Jesus.

But that rejoicing takes a prerequisite. It requires a relationship with the Lord. The Bible says that today is the day of salvation. To make this investment secure, we need to invite Jesus into our lives and accept Him as our Lord and Savior.

When we do that, it is not a loss when we say good-bye to our loved ones here. 

It's an investment. It's an investment that lasts forever.

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