The Gift of Gold

It's shiny. It's rare. It's durable. It's beautiful. 

Gold is prized all around the world. It has been used as jewelry and currency. It can be used to decorate the most expensive of wedding cakes, but is also used to fix broken teeth. Take apart your cell phone and you'll find a little, but you'll find more if you win first place in the Olympics. And you'll find even more if you explore the ocean depths. 

It is believed that about ten billion tons of gold are in the oceans, but there's not an economic way to recover it. Figure that one out and you'll be given the name of King Midas.

Gold is a gift.

It is one of the gifts presented to King Jesus by the magi.

It would have been used to provide for the family when they had to flee to Egypt to escape Herod's infanticide. It was an incredibly important gift to Jesus.

But it is also an important gift to us as we explore its use in heaven. Scripture records that it is the building material of choice to pave the streets. 

The streets in heaven are gold paved.

What does that tell us? 

I think it's letting us know that there is an important use for gold that didn't make our list above. It's probably more important than any we've already mentioned. 

It needs to be used to pave the way for people to go to heaven.

Gold can fund missionaries, churches, Gospel presentations, concerts, printed materials, Bibles. It can build buildings and bring food and shelter for the hungry and homeless. It can provide for widows and orphans.

Gold is a gift. It is a gift that can give eternally.

Yes, it can be used for jewelry, currency, and beautiful things. But when it's used to pave the way for the Gospel, what a gift it becomes!

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