The Gift of Fellowship

Have you ever attended a candlelight service? It’s so beautiful when almost all the lights are dimmed and even one solitary candle is held by the pastor. But one alone doesn’t shed much light, until he steps forward and lights a few other candles of ushers or deacons, who in turn pass their light to friends and family, who then share the light with those around them.

In a matter of moments, the place is illuminated with soft candlelight. Each candle makes every face shine in its yellow glow. A room that was dimly lit turns from dull to brilliant. Musical notes often accompany this type of setting as the crowd reverently sings, Silent Night, Holy Night.

It’s quite amazing how sharing light never diminishes it. It actually makes it grow.

That’s also the way of fellowship. When one person stands alone it can seem pretty dark, but when two friends stand together, there is far more light. When friends share with neighbors, who in turn share with their friends and family, suddenly it’s not dark at all.

Fellowship doesn’t diminish when it’s shared either. It grows.

Look around. Is there someone in your group who stands alone? Maybe a newly divorced dad or a widowed mom? Maybe an elderly person whose kids live away. Maybe there’s a person in your church whose spouse is not a believer and Sunday after Sunday that person faithfully comes and sits alone.

Thank God for the gift of fellowship and maybe this year determine to give that gift to someone you know who needs it.

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