the Gift of Family

Look around. Are there toys on the floor that didn’t get picked up? As you pass the kids’ rooms do you have to shut the doors so you can rest in “out of sight, out of mind,” because the mess is too big to deal with? Is the laundry literally crawling out of the laundry room and threatening to take over?

Or are you a grandparent that gets to have the family over and invariably the coffee table gets jumped on and broken because even though there’s a rule at the kids’ houses to not jump on the coffee table, in the child’s mind that didn’t translate to grandma’s? (Yes, that happened at my house.)

Family life is filled with messy stuff. There is no doubt about that. The dog drags in mud on the newly scrubbed floor and the cat drags in the mouse she wants to play with, while the kids drag in whatever is on their shoes and boots and we don’t really want to know what that is.

Yep, messy.

But there are also those times when your youngest climbs up in your lap and asks you to read a story.

There are times when the teenage son pats you on the head and calls you, “Little Mother” because he now towers over you.

There are the times when the kids actually come to ask your advice. (It happens more and more as they become adults because somehow they think we get smarter as they grow up.)

There are those moments of quiet reflections when everyone in the household is asleep except you, and you can rest in the safety of God’s protection over the home and the beauty of a family all together under one roof.

There are those times when laughter, uncontrollable and big, fills the house.

There are also those times when tears flood the eyes, but you can all huddle together holding each other for support.

Before corporations, or schools, or businesses, or banks, God created families. It has been His lovely plan from the beginning that family would be central.

Today, let’s thank God for the gift of family.

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