The Gift of Cookies

Would it feel like Christmas without cookies?

Not at our house.

Cookies have been a part of our Christmas celebration for as long as I can remember. Red, green, gold, silver, blue, with nuts, without nuts, iced, sprinkled, dusted with powdered sugar, crispy, chewy, works of art. It is such a part of our DNA that we have declared a “national holiday” for the baking and assembly. It includes as many of the girls in the family who can make it to the event.

It is hours of work, but the result is an assortment of delicacies worthy of any bakery in the country.

Culinary history tells us that cookies didn’t begin life as a main event. They were simply small amounts of cake batter placed in a hot oven to check the temperature for the real star…a cake.

Really? Just a small amount of cake batter has turned into the multi-billion-dollar cookie industry. If it’s sweet, calorie filled, and can be picked up and eaten on the run, it can be qualified as a cookie, and we love them.

So, our family got together for our annual bake recently. We stirred, beat, mixed, measured, washed dishes, baked and decorated. We joked, laughed, and became art critics as we viewed some of the artistic expressions, but mostly we created a memory.

We all came away with a truckload of the sweet confections, but more importantly, we left with a great family moment.

We laughed more, sang and even danced.

We were all given aprons that gave your rank and serial number. Some were designated as the A Team, expert status. Those were the generals. Some had a little lower rank of B Team or intern.

One black apron with the message “Special Helper” was reserved for me because I have no skill in this creative area. I got to wash dishes and add a few sprinkles. Sometimes I was allowed to do a little in the decorating department, but everybody secretly hoped they wouldn’t get stuck with any of my “works of art.”

So, I spent the day baking and came home with cookies, but I also came away with a message.

Cookies had a very simple beginning, but have grown up to be a major event.

We may look at our lives and believe we have had such a simple beginning that we aren’t part of the major event in the scheme of things. There are certainly people in the world doing bigger and better things than we could ever hope to achieve.

But the truth is we have no idea how God wants to use us. Just like a little cake batter has grown to become a part of all of our lives in a sweet treat called a cookie, God can do big things through our little efforts.

So, for today, go grab a Christmas cookie and thank the Lord that He uses the small things just like He uses the big things.

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