The Gift of Black Friday

There was a quiet knock at the door. It was 3:00 in the morning, but she knew I would be up. Karen whispered through the door, “Do you want to go shopping?”

Well, yah, of course I did!

That was years ago and it began a Black Friday tradition that has grown through the years to include all the sisters, some daughters, cousins, aunts, even a husband or two sprinkled in the mix.

Black Friday has become a gift.

We have won money at giveaways, found super deals, gotten free coffee, snacked our way through samples, laughed until we couldn’t breathe, prayed and thanked the Lord for the deals, run to the Thanksgiving leftovers for enough food to refuel for the afternoon, dashing through the stores, finished our Christmas shopping, and then dropped.

It’s become the tradition.

So, what makes it a gift? It’s the memories, definitely the memories.

But wait, it’s also the money that we’ve won.

Oh yah, and it’s the deals and the free stuff and the fellowship and the fun.

You know what? It’s all of it.

For us Black Friday is just a gift!

But it’s even more than that. We try to look for ways to bring light to the “Black” of that Friday by being the light of Christ.

We were recently hit with a challenge that names the kind of attitude we hope to live out. It’s about being a servant of the Lord. Being a servant is a race to the back of the line.

What does that mean?

It means to look at how you can out-serve those around you.

It means we have to ask ourselves what we can do to help, come alongside, serve others. Believe me that kind of attitude goes a long way on Black Friday to show the love of Jesus.

Why not try it?

When you’re out, don’t just look for the deals; look for the way to serve.

It’s not the race for the best for the least. Make it a race to the back of the line!

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