The Gift of Bethlehem

“Oh Little Town of Bethlehem, how still we see thee lie…” These are words from a famous Christmas song.

Bethlehem was first mentioned in Scripture in Genesis 35. It is where Jacob’s much-loved wife Rachel died. It is mentioned again in the book of Ruth, because there was a famine in that land.

Death and famine, not exactly compelling reasons to want to visit.

Because Bethlehem was such a little town, it should not be known as a tourist destination. It should not be recognized as an international point of interest.

It should not be.

But it is.


Because one amazing, time-altering, world-shaking event took place there. In the book of Micah, it was prophesied as the place of a birth. The Savior of the World was to be born there.

And He was. Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

That one event changed everything. It truly split time.

Yes, time changed, but also the world changed. Salvation entered for mankind. People have the privilege to accept Christ as Savior. The Bible tells us that anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

In that sleepy little town outside of Jerusalem, Joseph and Mary made their way to a shelter for animals and then Jesus made His appearance.

Jesus, the Lamb of God, who would take away the sin of the world, was born in Bethlehem, and that is quite a gift!

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