The Gift of Belief

Not everyone believes. 

It's heartbreaking because there is so much reliable evidence that the Bible is true, and yet there are many people who do not believe.

Most can point to a disappointment, hurt, failure, tragedy that knocked the belief props from under their feet, and they landed in the quicksand of agnosticism or atheism. 

For some, choosing to believe in nothing is easier than wrestling through to the truth in the hard questions.

But there are answers to even the hardest of challenges about Jesus because He is real and there are real answers about Him. He does exist, and He is a living, caring Savior and Lord even in the darkest of times.

Belief is a gift, and if you have it, thank Him for it. But if you don't, we would challenge you to look for real answers and ask Him, just ask Him, this Christmas for the gift of belief.

And then take the time to look for the truth in the Bible, the Book of Truth. It's there.

Belief is a gift.

Ask Jesus for it.

Seek it out.

Look for it as for hidden treasure. 

It's waiting under the tree we call the cross if you will simply look.

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