The Gift of Beauty

Lights twinkling, bells ringing, songs playing, cookies baking, scents wafting, Christmas is a feast for all of our senses.

And in that there is such beauty. We can drive down a street and be greeted by someone’s gorgeous Christmas display. They have shared it as a gift and we don’t even know the giver. It’s lovely.

Snow just might fall and turn bright lights into frosted gems, an absolute delight for the eyes.

Watching an octogenarian stand in the cold and joyfully ring her bell so that others can enjoy a bright Christmas, floods our hearts at such a beautiful spirit.

We can look into the eyes of a child and see excitement and anticipation and it is one of the most beautiful sights on earth.

Parents who go without, so that their children can have, is stunningly beautiful.

Over and over during this Holiday season beauty greets us in such a profound way.

Make no mistake; it is around us every day of our lives. It’s just that at Christmas time it is beauty times beauty.

Have a beautiful day!

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