The Gift of Angels

We don’t see them, or at least if we do, we most often don’t recognize them.

But have we ever encountered angels?

Think back.

Have you ever felt compelled to go immediately to check on the kids? When you did you saw something that could have been harmful had it played out. You know, like one of the grandkids putting a tall wooden board up against a tree and then suddenly you see your grandchild at the top with a skateboard.

Maybe your car wouldn’t start right away and you wondered what on earth could be wrong since you just had it serviced. But in a few moments, it starts and that puts you seconds behind at the crossroads just as a car races at break neck speed past you. You suddenly realize that had you been a few seconds earlier you might have already been out in the road.

You try to pull into the passing lane but the car doesn’t move fast enough just as another car zooms past. You realize it had been in your blind spot.

You feel your child’s forehead and yes, a slight fever, but overall things don’t seem quite right. But you feel like you just have to make the trip to the emergency room. “Good call,” says the doctor when you arrive.

You have a sudden urgency to stop at your mom’s house to check on her. She is quite ill and needs to see the doctor.

Over and over again in our lives we have things happen that we can’t quite explain.

So we ask again, have we ever encountered angels?

There are multiple accounts of angels in the Bible. They usually came to bring good news like in Luke chapters 1 and 2. But they also showed up to protect. In 2 Kings 6 we see the account of Elisha. The city was being surrounded by an army and Elisha’s servant was so afraid.

Elisha wasn’t. “Don't be afraid," the prophet answered. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them.”

Elisha then simply prayed and asked God to let the servant see. When he did, the servant saw a whole different army, a heavenly one with chariots of fire that had come to protect.

No, we often don’t see them, and even if we did we most likely wouldn’t recognize them, but have we ever had an encounter with angels?

Chances are we have.

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