The Gift of a Stable

A stable, not really the perfect place for a birth.

It wasn’t clean. Mice scurried and mice are despicably unclean little creatures making their presence known in the most unclean ways. Animals lined the stable and they did all of their animal things. Dirt was on the floor and no amount of sweeping a dirt floor can remove the dirt. Nope, not in any way, shape, or form was this place clean.

It wasn’t equipped for a birth, no bed, no pallet, no boiling water, no midwife or doctor, no medicine, or painkillers. Animals gave birth here, but this wasn’t the place for a baby’s birth.

It wasn’t a fitting nursery. There were no cute little baby blankets and clean white sheets and diapers just waiting. There was no baby stuff anywhere.

It was all the things that were not, and yet it was.

God took what shouldn’t be and made it what would be.

And doesn’t He do that with us? He takes all those things about us that are dirty, or unclean, or unfit, or not equipped and turns them into the very things that can be used in His Kingdom when He is born in our dirty unclean hearts.

Turns out a stable was absolutely perfect.

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