The Gift of a New Year

The Lord knows that we need new beginnings. We need times to regroup and start over. The New Year does just that.

We wrap up the season, put away the decorations, clean-up the leftovers, vacuum the glitter, step on the scale, and go out to buy workout clothes. How can I up my game?

We take a look and see some changes we want to make. Yes, it's a good time to get rid of old habits and welcome in some new ones. Of course, we all know that new habits are not so easy to bring to the table, especially if it means we have decided not to spend as much time at the table.

Time, diet, health are evaluated by a lot of people as the year takes on its new name. And those are good areas to look at, but an even more important look is where we are spiritually. 

Church, serving, using my time to make a difference in the Kingdom, prayer, Bible study and sharing my faith...those are the most important areas to up our game.

It's the gift of a new year, a new beginning.  Let's make the most of it. 

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