Alcohol has become a staple in the pantry of most Americans. It isn’t considered a party unless someone has brought the beer. Meals are not viewed as complete unless the wine is poured. And of course, it’s so chic to have a glass of something in your hand. Would it be a game without the cooler filled to the brim? Would it be a cookout if nobody showed up with the brew?

And there are so many different types of alcohol. It just seems to fit. There’s the hard stuff, the light ones, the ones that give you a jolt in the morning and the ones intended to be the nightcap.

And the reasons people drink are as varied as the types. The taste, stress, fun, everybody else is drinking, wanting to try it. You get the picture.

So many choices, picked to fit the entree, occasion, mood, party. Alcohol flows and then for many that seems to make the event flow. Ah yes, perfect.

Millions of dollars are spent each year on alcohol.

But...thousands of lives are lost to alcohol each year.

And thousands of lives are devastated due to alcohol each year.

Let’s look at what today’s Proverb has to say: “Wine is a mocker and beer a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.” Proverbs 20:1

These are not my words. They are God’s. He is the One who has labeled beer and wine on the “not wise” list.


Both of these can look pretty harmless at first glance, but both have a serpent waiting at the bottom of the glass for some people. It can start out pretty innocently with a beer at a game or a glass of wine with dinner, but it can take over. It can move to such a passion with such a raging, ravaging, all-consuming addiction that anything with any alcohol in it is welcomed to be ingested.

Mouthwash is swished into the gut to get some kind of high. Rubbing alcohol is pulled from the medicine cabinet and poured down the throat. Hand sanitizer is licked off hands or mixed with water and swallowed as fast as possible to get the buzz. It is far from safe but addictions don’t weigh risks; they take them. It leaves people at the brink of death or actually carries them away from the land of the living. It can leave the victim in a coma, hurt in an accident, dead.

And then the alcohol stands back and laughs.

It won. Another one bites the dust.

What does the Scripture call beer and wine?

A mocker. A brawler.

Do you want that fight? Do you want it laughing at you?

Think about it. An awful lot of people lose!

Lord, please help me to live a life that is far from mockery and brawling. Help me to live Your life.

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