“Praise the Lord. How good it is to sing praises to our God, how pleasant and fitting to praise him!” Psalm 147:1

From the time we are born, music is around us.

Across cultures, mothers sing lullabies to their children. Those cradlesongs are restful and soothing to infants.

And then, of course, as we are growing up, there is the radio, the TV, the CDs, music in the background of our stores, the devices that flood our homes, our cars, with music.

Music is around us.

Music is in us.

Children grow up singing from the time they are able to form words. Our mother used to say that we could sing before we could talk. Children sing. It brings them joy, comfort, rest, and it’s fun. Silly songs just burst out of children. They make up songs and don’t care if the songs have rhythm or beat or even make sense. It’s part of the natural growth process.

Music is in us.

Music is important to us.

People flood to concerts, buy the latest musical releases, purchase season tickets to the opera or symphony, dance to the music, and make music a subject of conversation over dinner.

It’s important to us.

Why? Because we were made for it. God created us with a desire to sing and a desire to be moved and thrill to the incredible music that God has gifted people to write and perform. The Lord put in us the love of music.

And nothing is sweeter than when that music is used to give honor and praise to the One who created it in the first place.

How pleasant and fitting it is to sing praises to Him.

Lord, today, I lift up my song to You. May these songs from my lips be pleasing to Your heart.

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