Simeon and the Long Awaited Messiah

When we feel the wait for Christmas day, when we long for the holiday season, when we hold our breath and wonder how many more days, we join a long, long list of other hopefuls as they waited and longed for His arrival.

In Luke 2 we read that Simeon waited. He was a righteous man. He was a devout follower of the Lord. He spent his days waiting. Exactly what was Simeon waiting for?

Luke 2:25 says he was waiting for the consolation of Israel. But just what did that mean?

The consolation of Israel. It is an odd title, not one we are so familiar with, like Messiah or Savior, but it contains a wealth of meaning. The consolation of Israel meant His very presence would bring just that, consoling and sweet comfort. It meant someone was coming to exhort and encourage those who followed Him. This One’s mission would include firmly establishing the believer in the faith. The consolation of Israel would change history. He would change the world.

And our Blessed God revealed to Simeon that he wouldn’t die until this One for whom he waited made His appearance. So, Simeon waited. He waited with all the anticipation and excitement that comes with the season.

But he didn’t wait sitting in front of his TV or reclining in his easy chair. He waited while doing. He waited in the Temple courts. And the moment Mary and Joseph arrived Simeon knew Jesus was the One he had been waiting and longing for.

How did Simeon know Jesus so quickly? I have to wonder if because Simeon had spent so much time in God’s presence, that when the Lord was presented to Simeon he couldn’t help but recognize His face.

How are we spending our time waiting for the Christmas season? Is there time to be in His presence? Do we go to the Temple courts, okay maybe not the Temple courts, but to our churches? Are we seeking Him? If Jesus walked into our lives would we immediately recognize His face because we have spent so much time in His presence?

Let’s enjoy the wait filled with its anticipation and longing, but let’s be like Simeon and wait while doing.

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