Silent Prayers

Because I am taking my time to “smell the verses” as I am studying the Psalms, I am reading the headings. I had not paid that much attention to those before. So, I am learning some new words. Psalm 7 was a shiggaion, a poem with intense meaning. I love that the Psalms are filled with deep feelings and powerful emotions. We experience those feelings too, so we can absolutely identify with the Psalmist as he navigates his highs and lows.

Today in Psalm 16 there is another new word, at least it is for me. This Psalm is a miktam. I hadn’t come across that word before. According to my NIV Study Bible a miktam can be a literary or musical term. It may be derived from a word that could mean to cover. So, this term could possibly mean to cover the lips as one breathes out a silent prayer.

How many miktams consume my day? How many times do I utter silent prayers to the Lord? In reality, I want my life to be consumed with this running conversation with my heavenly Father. If I need help or peace or simply am overwhelmed with a heart of gratitude and thanksgiving, I can silently speak. One of the joys of prayer is that it can happen anywhere, anytime, in any circumstances and our God is a whisper away. It can be a word, a sentence or hours long. It’s all prayer.

So, we will examine this psalm that may just be David’s quiet prayer for God’s ears only, but for some great reason we have the joy of joining in to this private moment and making it our own.

Father, when my words are silent but my heart cries out, You hear. Thank You, thank You, thank You. My heart is filled with thanksgiving.

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