“He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.” Psalm 23:2-3

Rest. It is lovely when we leisurely awaken from a great night’s sleep. It’s such a good thing when we have an unscheduled Sunday afternoon and we can take a nap. Stretching out on the couch or an outside hammock with a great book is the picture of relaxing.

Yet, in our swirling, whirling lives, often rest eludes us. We lie down, but sleep escapes because our brains are filled with today’s list of undone things and tomorrow’s already too full schedule. We dwell in the land of what-ifs and regrets over what was or what should have been.

So, how do we find rest?

Let’s go back to verse one of the psalm. The Lord is my Shepherd. We are sheep, and if we follow Him, He will lead us to the green pastures, quiet waters. He will be the one to refresh our souls.

This is Yahweh Shalom.

What is shalom? We often translate the word as peace, but it’s bigger than that. It also means completeness, soundness, welfare, a complete peace. It is green pastures, quiet waters.

Where do we find that? Only in Christ.

Lord Jesus, You are my Shalom. You are my rest, my peace, my welfare, my soundness, my everything. Help me to so rely on you so that even in troubled times, I find my rest in You.

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