Psalm 16:1 “Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take refuge.”

The day came for us to put our daughter alone on a plane bound for Europe for a fifteen-month stint working with a missionary team. We knew she wasn’t considered a kid any more, but she was still our kid. We knew that when she arrived she would be in good hands, they just wouldn’t be our hands, so the parting wasn’t easy. Prayers for her safety consumed us as tears dripped down our faces when we said, “Good bye.” How often after putting her on that plane did I silently ask God to keep her safe? How often did I plead with the Lord to cover her with his protective hand? I have no idea how many times I uttered those words. God never got tired of my prayer. He simply continued to be my comfort.

Prayers for safety, here David is uttering one for himself. He is calling on God to be his refuge, his hiding place. We can pray these same prayers for ourselves when we board a plane, when we sit behind the wheel in bumper to bumper traffic, when we face a trying medical procedure. God never gets tired of those prayers, no matter how many times we offer them. And we can pray them for our loved ones.

There is amazing comfort in releasing our fear to the Lord when we don’t feel safe or we are praying for someone else’s safety.

Father, please protect my loved ones and keep me safe as well.

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