What is the value of riches?

How long do they actually last?

At most, they last a lifetime but they cannot follow you into eternity. You may have been born with a silver spoon in your mouth that became an entire set of golden tableware, encrusted with jewels, but the moment you close your eyes and take your final breath, it no longer is yours. Even if your coffin is packed with it, it isn’t going where you are going.

Do not make it your goal to get rich. Make it your goal to invest in God’s Kingdom. So, how can you do that?

You use your wealth to share the Gospel, help those in need, make an eternal difference.

“Do not wear yourself out to get rich; do not trust your own cleverness. Cast but a glance at riches, and they are gone, for they will surely sprout wings and fly off to the sky like an eagle.”

Proverbs 23:4-5

Riches, that are used only for today, will sprout wings and be gone. But riches that have been used to make a difference for the Lord are an investment. They help to pave the streets of gold in heaven.

Lord, please help me to use what I have to make an eternal difference.

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