Revelation 2:4

The Revelation

“I hold this against you...”

These few words from the mouth of God are chilling.

Think about it. You’re reading a note or having a conversation and suddenly you receive a message that begins like this: “Yet I hold this against you...”

Wow. What a statement and this is from God, Himself. He is the One saying that He has something against this church at Ephesus. So, what is He saying?

“You have forsaken the love you had at first.” Revelation 2:4

There was a time when this church had greater love for God, for one another, for reaching the world with the message.

They had lost that first, all encompassing, all consuming love that broke through everything else. They allowed that love to cool and something else to become more important.

Let’s take an inventory.

Has there been a time in our lives when our love for Jesus was stronger than it is today?

If the answer is yes then we need to pay attention. There is an important message ahead.

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