Revelation 1:19

The Revelation

John was in exile, a prison camp. The physical world where he lived would have been trying, difficult. One day followed the next, a very hard, meager, challenging life. What beauty did he see on that rock? What encouragement did he receive from other people? What fellowship did he have?

But God didn’t leave him with only the mundane, the stripped-down version of a life. God gave John the gift of a lifetime. He opened heaven. He revealed Himself. He gave John a glorious, magnificent, overwhelming vision of Himself.

But God didn’t leave John there either, just basking in the glory of seeing Jesus. The Lord then gave him an assignment, a job, a place to serve. “Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later.” Revelation 1:19

John needed the vision, but he also needed to serve the Lord.

But even when our lives are a bit stripped-down, when we can’t necessarily do what we used to do, God hasn’t left us. We aren’t left with the ordinary or just the mundane. We can, at any moment, see Christ when we open His Word. At times, we can be reduced to tears at the beauty of who He is and what He has done. We can see through John’s eyes this vision. We can feel Jesus wrap His arms around us and hear Him whisper, “Dear child, don’t be afraid.”

But stepping out of the mundane into the sublime isn’t enough for us either. God calls all of us to serve. He has assignments for every day. He wants to use us in the Kingdom. So, God gifts us all differently. There are preachers, evangelists, teachers, missionaries, worship leaders, people who work with children, teenagers, adults. There are those called to be up-front. There are those called to be behind the scenes. There are many ways to serve.

But there is one job to which we are all called, and that is to pray.

Prayer is one of the biggest things we can do in the Kingdom. Prayer crosses all physical barriers. We are praying right now for anyone reading this post. Our lives may be separated by physical restrictions, but God sees and moves in all directions.

Prayer crosses time. We can pray for people in the world today to know the Lord. We can pray for future generations to know the Lord.

Prayer doesn’t require any talent or great ability on our part and there are no age restrictions. God hears the cry of the tiniest child, the feeblest senior, the most educated scholar, or those with little or no education. Our age, abilities, giftedness, or education do not play a part in God hearing our prayers.

Prayer costs nothing. No special wardrobe or equipment is needed.

And no circumstance, no thing, no one can stop us from praying. We can all pray.

And then, of course, God also gives us opportunities to serve in other capacities.

He may just give the assignment, “Write.”

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