Revelation 1:10

The Revelation

“On the Lord’s Day I was in the Spirit…” Revelation 1:10

Remember that John was in exile. He was away from his church body. He couldn’t hang out with his friends. He didn’t have access to any kind of encouraging Christian fellowship or extra Bible teaching. John was by himself. He was walking this path alone.

And yet, he was never alone. The Lord was with Him. He could enter into the presence of Almighty God at any moment of any day and nothing, NOTHING, could stop him.

Prison, exile, sheltering at home, hunkering down in our living rooms, not meeting in a church building, not seeing loved ones or having fellowship with relatives, could not stop our fellowship with God. Every minute of every day we have immediate access to the throne room. We can walk right into the presence of God. And His presence never leaves us. We are never alone. Not ever, even for one moment, are we by ourselves when we are in Christ.

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