Revelation 1

Pandemic, quarantine, sheltering in, social distancing, masks had all been terms that were somewhat unfamiliar, but in 2020 they became the norm. During the pandemic, we missed seeing family and friends. We missed gathering in an auditorium to worship and sing praises to the Lord along with other believers. And we missed being able to sit in a group to discuss the Scriptures.

But this was not our first experience with a quarantine. Years ago, our mom was diagnosed with scarlet fever. Pretty serious in those days. The doctor was at the house when we got off the school bus. Two of us thought it would serve us to complain that our throats hurt. Neither of us remember that our throats actually did hurt, but we said they did.

Smooth move.

And since you didn’t mess around with scarlet fever, our house got quarantined and we got quarantined, in our bedroom, in our beds, with NO TV! Our meals were served to us in the bedroom and that should have been a highlight. It wasn’t. Mom was ill; Dad wasn’t a cook. Do the math. We only remember one meal and it wasn’t memorable because it was good. It was a plateful of dried lima beans. We still shudder. Ugh! Those were long boring days. But there was something that broke up the mundane. The doctor came every day for three days to give us shots. The other siblings got to hang out with Dad, run around in the sunshine, skip school, play, and WATCH TV. I think they drew pictures of shots and shoved them under the door. Fun times!

But what we discovered during the 2020 quarantine is that we could still get out to go for a walk, watch television, church services were on line, some did drive-in church, and that lots of teaching was still available. We could touch base with loved ones. We had access to social media. No doctor was coming to the house everyday armed with shots and not a lima bean in sight.

We are praising God for all of that.

But, let’s face it, we are living in interesting times. Today it is not a quarantine, it’s wars and rumors of wars, sky rocketing prices, supply chain issues.

And one of the books of the Bible that is applicable for these times is the book of Revelation.

At first glance this book may seem too scary for the times in which we are living. Are we in the last days that Revelation talks about? Is the apocalypse upon us?

Before we ever dive into the book, let’s address the meaning of the word apocalypse. In our culture, it has come to mean a terrible horrific event. And yet, that is not the meaning of the word. Apocalypse comes from the Greek word apokalypsis and contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t mean an earth shattering global catastrophe. The word simply means an unveiling, the lifting of a veil.

Have you been to a wedding where there is that glorious moment when the groom lifts his bride’s veil to gaze into her eyes? He looks into the face of his beloved. His eyes, when he looks into her eyes, are filled with the pure joy and expectation for their beautiful future together.

We think God wants us to look at the book of Revelation that way. When the veil is lifted in this book and we open its pages, we can look into our Beloved Savior’s eyes and see our beautiful future with Him.

And so, we begin to lift the veil over these next days and weeks in the book of Revelation.

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