Real Wealth

Psalm 16:2 “I say to the LORD, ‘You are my LORD; apart from you I have no good thing.’”

In this quiet prayer King David recognized a very important truth.

He was wealthy. He had wives, children, a palace, property. He had plenty and then some. If there was something he desired he had the cash to buy it. He was king so he lived with a great deal of power. He spoke and servants came running. He commanded armies. He had the life many of us desire.

But David recognized what we all must, apart from the Lord we have no good thing and in reality, we have nothing. Where is David’s palace today? Have any of us inherited his money and wealth? His wives, children and grandchildren have either gone on to heaven or chosen the other place.

What is still here? None of the stuff.

But what of David’s belongings is still here? The Lord. He was there for David then; He is here today.

David may have whispered this miktam; I will shout it. Apart from the Lord there is no good, lasting, eternal thing.

Lord, thank you that you are always there. You are always with us.

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