Radiant Light

“You are radiant with light, more majestic than mountains rich with game. The valiant lie plundered, they sleep their last sleep; not one of the warriors can lift his hands. At your rebuke, God of Jacob, both horse and chariot lie still. It is you alone who are to be feared. Who can stand before you when you are angry? From heaven you pronounced judgment, and the land feared and was quiet—when you, God, rose up to judge, to save all the afflicted of the land. Surely your wrath against mankind brings you praise, and the survivors of your wrath are restrained.” 

Psalm 76:4-10

God rebuked and the battle was over.

When God moves there is no question about the outcome. He will always be the victor. It doesn’t matter the size of the enemy. It doesn’t matter if we are outnumbered. God is bigger, mightier, more able than the fiercest of foes.

When God pronounces judgment, the land is hushed in reverent awe.

What battle do we face today? What foe has come against us? Fear not. He is able. Our response is reverent praise.

Lord God, thank You that you are more than enough for every battle I face. Help me to walk in your radiant light.

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