Perfection at Christmas

Mary had been told by the angel, Gabriel, that she would give birth to the Savior of the world. She was pledged to be married, but it would soon look to the town that she had broken that pledge and been unfaithful to Joseph. It was going to become obvious that Mary was pregnant and the town would know the father was not Joseph. Her name and reputation were about to become more than just tarnished. They would be ruined in the eyes of many. Her story was headed to the town tabloid and it would be told unfavorably all of her life.

She knew the truth, but very few others did.

She went to visit her cousin, Elizabeth. A miracle had taken place in Elizabeth’s life and in her very old age she was carrying a baby boy who would be named John.

As soon as Elizabeth saw Mary, she knew. The baby boy growing within her, leaped in her womb and she knew that the mother of the Lord was standing before her. It would be one of those moments that Mary would treasure in her heart. Elizabeth knew the truth. Mary had not been unfaithful to Joseph, she had been faithful to God.

This wasn’t comfortable but it was her calling.

So often at Christmas we want everything to be perfect. The exact right gifts, the beautifully roasted turkey, the cookies iced to match the pictures in the recipe books, relationships built and bonded...Christmas matching the movies. The best Christmas ever!

But our comfort is not what God looks at to determine our mission. He issues our calling and sometimes comfort, reputation, convenience, perfection are left behind to complete the mission.

It happened with Mary. It happens with us. This Christmas, don’t look for what’s perfect, look for what God wants to do.

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