My Steps

“Though people tried to bribe me, I have kept myself from the ways of the violent through what your lips have commanded. My steps have held to your paths; my feet have not stumbled. I call on you, my God, for you will answer me; turn your ear to me and hear my prayer. Show me the wonders of your great love, you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes.”

Psalm 17:4-7

God saves by His right hand. Salvation comes from no one else, only the Lord. From the beginning of time, He had a plan in place for my salvation. That boggles my mind, and yet I know it’s true.

In Genesis, when Adam and Eve sinned, God revealed that the seed of the woman would crush the head of the serpent, satan. He told them that One was coming who would defeat the evil one. We know that One is Jesus.

The world around me offers bribes and violence. There is evil everywhere I look. But for the ones who call on the Lord, there is a way, a straight narrow path that we can follow. His Word is a lamp to my feet and a road map for me to follow. It guides and directs my life.

Lord Jesus, always keep me on Your path. Help me to read Your word and know it so I can learn all that You have for me.

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