My Song

“Your decrees are the theme of my song wherever I lodge.” Psalm 119:54

How many songs have been written over the years to glorify God? Millions? Billions? Probably even billions upon billions. And one of the reasons for so many songs is that our God is worthy of every single one.

Old songs, new songs, long and short songs, and we can sing any of them, at any time, any moment of any day, no matter where we are. If we are on the most beautiful mountain top and the scenery takes our breath away, we can burst into “How Great Thou Art” or “To God Be the Glory” or any of the other worship songs already written. Thankfully someone has already put our feelings to music.

But if we would be confined to the vilest of prison for our faith, and told we couldn’t sing, no one would be able to stop our songs of praise. Thankfully, our hearts can always sing even if there is no sound coming from our lips.

Sometimes we sing the songs already written, but sometimes we write our own songs. We don’t even have to be skilled at it. Music can just come from the deepest recesses of our own hearts. No other human may ever hear the sound because these songs are for God’s ears only.

If we are confined to our beds, our songs can be heard. If we are in a group or with God alone, if our voices are beautiful or terrible, our songs of praise always warm His heart.

Don’t you just love that God has given us the gift of song? And thankfully, we can turn around and give it right back to Him.

Today, Lord, my heart sings Your praises. You are worthy. Thank You that I have a heart to sing.

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