My Sanctification

“You anoint my head with oil;” Psalm 23:5

Paul said he was the chief of sinners, but I might have to respectfully disagree. As I examine my own heart and I look at Paul’s life, I feel like I have him beat hands down for that title. If we are honest with ourselves before God, we may all have to vie for the heading of Chief Among Sinners. I certainly understand why Paul said it. He was the only human who knew his deepest secrets and hidden sins. He knew that when it came to comparing himself with the perfect Lord, he was indeed a sinner.

Here’s the truth: none of us is righteous, no not one. We are all sinners. We all fall short of the glory of God. That’s why we need to be covered by His righteousness. This phrase “You anoint my head with oil…” represents that it is Jesus who sanctifies us. It is Him who covers us with the oil of the Holy Spirit. He is Yahweh InKaddesh, the Lord my Holiness, my Sanctification.

Someday when we stand before God we will not stand in our own worthiness of righteousness, but we will stand in His.

Lord Jesus, I know that I am a sinner. When I look at who I am and who You are I know that I fall so short. Thank you so much for covering my head with the Oil of the Holy Spirit and making me clothed in Your righteousness.

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